According to a Nikkei newspaper article dated August 19, 2014, a restaurant manager who lives in the Kanto Region has applied for a provisional disposition order to request Facebook, Inc. to disclose the identification information of a sender as the restaurant has been receiving slandering messages through Facebook, and Tokyo District Court decided to order the disclosure of the sender's identification information such as an IP address.

What would happen next then?
If the provisional disposition order becomes final and binding, the restaurant will be able to specify the sender who posted the slandering messages based on the disclosed information such as an IP address or log-in data and time through the provider. After that, the restaurant will demand consolation money from the sender. 

We have to be extremely careful when we write some comments or massages over the Internet. If we write slandering messages anonymously and take the matter carelessly, we might be tracked down and claimed for associated damages.